The Amazon Best-seller by Alan Davidson

"This book gives an entrepreneur everything they need to know to give their business the best chance to thrive and not just hope to survive."

Shane Lukas | Entrepreneur & Author

Owner - AVN Inspiring Accountants

A must-read for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to accelerate their journey to success.

About the author

Alan Davidson is a Chartered Accountant and co-Director of Pentins Business Advisers Limited. With over 25 years of experience, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs succeed, or even exceed their expectations.

Growing up in the 70s North-East Britain, Alan has witnessed massive industrial decline, and knows first-hand how mass unemployment affected people and their families. Since, then, he made it his mission in life, to spread the word to very aspiring entrepreneur in the UK, that business can be fun and enjoyable. With the right support and guidance, Alan has enabled business owners to take control of their business, and enjoy a stress-free life.

"I have an unshakeable belief that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. They bring innovation, fun and change to society. It is my mission to help visionary entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and grow a business that serves them, their customers and the world at large. One way I can help many more entrepreneurs is to encapsulate my thoughts into a book, and here it is."


Achieve business growth, reduce stress and gain more time freedom by using this simple but effective method.


Identify the strengths & weaknesses of your business and create a realistic business plan.


Take a closer look at your cashflow and ensure you have suitable financing plans in place.


Manage compliance, minimise tax risk and ensure effective systems are in place without the hassle of HMRC.


Get real time insights & identify the right opportunities to help you manage and grow your business.


To achieve your goals, you need a plan. Forecasting helps you stay ahead of your competitors by continuously improving.


Lay the foundations that will increase the value of your business and keep growing your assets.


An exit plan is essential for every business owner. Create a realistic plan so you can sell your business or comfortably retire without worry.

What readers have to say...

"WOW! What a great book!

Really practical, really easy to read and really useful!"

Steve Pipe | FCA

Business Author & Former UK Entrepreneur of the Year

"A refreshing way of putting across some of the most important points of running a progressive and profitable business."

Reg Groombridge

Co-founder & Director -

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